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Mila Kunis Horoscope | Хороскопът на Мила Кунис

Milena Markovna “Mila” Kunis (Ukrainian: Милена Маркoвна Кунис) (born August 14, 1983), is a Ukrainian-American actress. She is best known for playing Jacqueline “Jackie” Burkhart on That ’70s Show, and also reprises Lacey Chabert’s role as Meg Griffin on the popular animated series Family Guy. Map of the Heavens, Planets, Astrological Chart, Horoscope: Mila KUNIS, born August 14, 1983 at 12:00 PM (unknown) in Kiev (Ukraine), Sun in 21°01 Leo, Moon in 6°55 Scorpio.

Source: www.astrotheme.com and www.librarising.com. Thank you!

February 18, 2009: I have just received my first translated blog post and I’m so happy - so, I hope you too! (14:22)

This is the information I found about Mila’s hour of birth, in fact, there is no information; Mila’s hour of birth is unknown. It is given as 12:00 pm, which means the same - it is unknown.

To know anybody’s birth date is very valuable information – Astrology could help you in creating a probable psychological profile of this person. Perhaps, even better than their own concept they have of themselves. Here, I should specify that I do not mean the simplistic models of yellow astrology and its “signs of zodiac”. Yes, Mila is the “zodiac sign” of Leo, and Leo is related to creativity, game, stage acting, however, can all Leos be actors or actresses?

The real challenge is to discover the exact time of birth. The more exact chart you have, the more precise your profile will be and more perfect the prognoses. I can say this out of my personal experience. I have been examining my natal chart since 1994 and I am sure by 99% in the time of birth I am working with. It is close to the one recorded in my Kharkov medical card but not identical. I am the lucky one at least to have a recorded time of birth! All I want to say, is that when I say “exact” I mean really exact time of birth up to one or maximum two minutes.

However, how many people know their birth time so precisely?! Yes, just a few. This is one of the reasons for inaccurate interpretation and wrong prognoses – they just do not concern this person. Have in mind that according to one of the prognostic methods, the so called directions, where 1 degree = 1 year, every +/- 4 minutes change the matching of the prognosis with a whole year!

What do I mean? Look at the Mila’s horoscope, in its upper part, I guess, everybody can recognize the symbol (sign) of Mars: a circle with an arrow pointing upwards and to the right. It is situated in the first degree of the sign of Leo. In the 10th house.

I’ll try gradually to introduce to you all astrological terms so I’ll be glad if you subscribe for the RSS emission of the blog or the following blogs by E-mail Subscription. Or you can just visit the Astrology section. Thank you in advance for doing it!

If you have already found Mars, look to the right of it, to the highest point of the chart, MC. MC is an abbreviation from Medium Coeli. Its meaning or key words relating to it, very simplified, are just “dedication”, “realization”, “acknowledgement”. If we guess, just for a moment, that Mila was born at 11:38 am in Kiev (i.e., for 14 August 1983 these are +04:00 h from Greenwich), MC will be located in the 16th degree of Cancer.

Now, let’s bring all facts together: we have the militant and active Mars in Leo, the sign which is doubtlessly in closest relation to stage and acting, and, from the other side, is the significator of dedication. Now, we begin to move it towards Mars (in the horoscope the movement usually is in counter-clockwise direction!) by 1 degree for each year of Mila’s life. Approximately after 15 years (from the 16th degree in Cancer to its end there are 14 degrees + one more degree from the following sing of Leo) MC will stop over the natal Mars. Now it becomes a little bit clearer, I suppose..

Could we expect an event in this year? Yes. What would it be like? Probably it would emerge from some energetic actions (Mars), made by Mila, for gaining public attention (MC), appearing on stage (Leo), and, why not, hitting the spot? Well, what really happened with Mila at the age of 15. It is her participation in Family Guy and the pilot episode, and, as a whole, her participation in the 8 seasons of That ’70s Show began in 1998 (see: Mila on IMDB).

Well, although it is a shot at random, the time 11:38 or the closest to it few minutes sound quite reasonably. Of course, it is not right to make a general conclusion on the basis of just one direction! The whole picture should be considered.. in fact, this process of matching or adjusting the time of birth is very labour-intensive, difficult, definitely complex, however, it is a great investment and it is multiply repaid. The term used in Astrology for this process is rectification. I showed you just one of the initial steps and in the next postings on this subject we’ll continue.. searching for the real Mila, beyond the original hypotheses.

Useful astrological tips:
- Do not give any information about your birth date and time; especially, beware of the laity who twaddle different things like: “You are a Leo so you are so and so!” It is a dangerous narrow-mindedness.
- Your time of birth is definitely confidential information; I do not know if it is legally true, I hardly believe, but in astrological aspect it is true – do not share it with people you do not trust! Be sure that the astrologer you are consulting is sufficiently ethical and literate and will save it too.
- Recording the exact time of birth of your child is a good investment for future. However, do not hurry up to make their horoscope too early.

P.S. I have not blogged seriously since September 2008. I have forgotten how much time is required for preparation, writing and, most of all, checking up of every publication! Something I forgot to mention, are the nice Mila’s dimples - see the photo above, next to the horoscope – usually it is a sign of Ascendant in Libra or Venus in aspect with the Ascendant. So, once again the hypothesis of birth time very close to 11:38 am outweighs.

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